Bruce is a queer beer drinkin' shark from the East Coast who now resides in Vancouver. A love of craft beer was fostered during a brief time being landlocked in Alberta, grew upon returning back to his home shores in Halifax and flourished once settling in Vancouver. A fan of beer, an industry worker, an LGBTQ+ Inclusivity Consultant, a podcaster and degree-holder in Sociology and Gender Studies, Bruce is here to chat about queer inclusivity and to help foster a welcoming environment for all. 

Instagram: @bruceandbeer

Email: bruceandbeer@gmail.com 





Dan (he/him) was born and raised in East Vancouver with Chinese heritage, and continues to call East Van home today. With an educational background in social sciences and the humanities, he is an administrator in the post-secondary institution field. Dan is also a familiar face in tasting rooms and breweries in the metro Vancouver area and a true supporter of craft beer. This passion was fostered during the initial craft brewery/tasting room boom of 2013-14 and continues to fuel his mission to try as many local beers as possible, one single can at a time.

Instagram: @dangerdan_yvr

Email: dangerdan.yvr@gmail.com 





Hi I’m Meghan! My pronouns are she/her. I am a fermentation enthusiast driven by all things sour. I’ve been in the industry for close to 5 years and am currently working as an Assistant Manager, Beer Educator and Master of None. My educational background is in the social history of the 20th century. I earned a BA in History at

SFU studying the way people interacted with their rapidly changing world. Most recently I’ve worked as an artist educator teaching produce fermentation to youth. My interests in intersectionality, community, justice and our histories are the guiding forces in my life.

Instagram: @blackvogue





Hi! I'm Heather (she/her) - a lambic loving, mash tun shovelling, self proclaimed "cool mom", who has worked in the brewing industry for nearly a decade. My background includes non-profit work on the Board of Directors for a leading Canadian arts festival, where my passion for community building grew. My love for the craft beer world runs deep and I'm constantly inspired by connections and conversations sparked over a pint. I am committed to using my experience, skills and resources to help make craft beer more accessible and to ensure our industry culture is one which welcomes, includes, and values everyone.

Let's get to work! 

Email: diversityinbrewing@gmail.com