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There are some definitive steps that our cisgendered, heterosexual allies in the beer world can take to start to make their spaces safe for our community.


1. If you wish to be a safe space, clearly state it. Post signage that welcomes the LGBTQ2S+ community to your space. Post signage on your restroom doors that says that all genders are welcome (even if you do not have gendered washrooms, this is still very important).

2. Post signage that says that homophobic, transphobic, or racist comments/behaviour will not be tolerated and if you are engaging in that behaviour you will be asked to leave. Embed this in your company policies, from ownership down to tasting room staff.

3. Support your staff if they must engage with patrons who exhibit the above behaviours. It can be intimidating to stand up to others – assure your staff that they have your support and trust. 

4. Use gender-neutral language when addressing patrons – “hey folks”, “hi everyone” etc as opposed to “ladies”, “gentlemen”, etc. Do not assume pronouns or gender identities. 


5. Respect identities and pronouns. 

6. When hiring, explicitly state that you welcome and encourage applicants from the LGBTQ2S+ community and make a true effort to diversify your staff. 


7. Engage in regular learning and education sessions with staff to ensure that they are still aware of your policies, to check biases or unlearn some behaviours or ways of thinking that do not contribute to a safe space. 

8. No one is perfect – you will make mistakes. When this happens, admit it, acknowledge that a patron/staffer may have been negatively impacted by an event/incident, sincerely apologize and outline a plan to correct the problem going forward. 

9. When in doubt, do some research. QMUNITY has excellent resources. 

10. Offer to work with LGBTQ2S+ groups, associations or individuals in your area to promote your space as a safe space. Work with groups to host events or nights for LGBTQ2S+ groups.

11. If someone from the LGBTQ2S+ community says that they feel unsafe or that your space is not safe, listen to them and ask for input on how to rectify the situation.


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