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6 Questions With Kevin...

This is our chance to get to know someone better who is working in the craft beer industry in Western Canada. We are thrilled to welcome Kevin as the newest team member on Diversity In Brewing's Board of Directors!

1. Who are you? 

Hey Hi Hello I'm Kevin! I'm a libra, self-proclaimed geriatric millennial, and yeast daddy extraordinaire! I'm completely obsessed with sloths, Carly Rae Jepsen, and sour beer!

2. What do you do? 

Currently I'm the head brewer at Ol' Beautiful Brewing in Calgary and have worked at 3 other breweries in Vancouver and Calgary since 2013. I have a degree in Biology and started my career in quality control/microbiology until I was eventually seduced into the brewing side! When not at the brewery I'm also a professional comedian drag queen named Anne Xiety.

3. What is your biggest pet peeve about the industry? 

One of my biggest pet peeves is beer purists! It's not the 1500s anymore if I want to add crazy shit to my beer I'm gonna do it!! That being said, I have no tolerance for cutting corners with my beers and I will always do my best to make the highest quality beer possible (often to the chagrin of sales lol).

4. What do you love most about working in the industry?

My favourite part of the industry is the creativity and passion! I love pushing myself to make interesting and tasty new beers and just as much love partaking in other brewers concoctions!

5. What is your favourite beer right now?

My go to beers at the moment are Cabin Super Saturation, Fahr Hoppy Hefe, and the Ol' Beautiful Dark Arts Rasp Lemonade (hehe).

6. What local charity should we be paying attention to?

Pink Flamingo! Pink Flamingo is an incredible Black run advocacy organization that uplifts QTBIPOC in the Calgary community! Check them out at!

Follow Kevin on Instagram @anne_xiety_.


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