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Beer Reconnaissance: Brewed By Women - East Van Edition

Dan is on a mission to try as many local beers as possible, one single can at a time...

March 8th came and went, but we can keep the recognition and appreciation going year round, when it comes to the work women do and the beer they brew in our local craft beer communities.

Here are four of my go-to crispy core line up, and/or recurring seasonal brews, that are available a hop, skip, and a jump from my neighbourhood East Van Cross Sculpture...

Brewery Creek:

Red Truck – Endless Summer Ale & Baja Mexican Lager

Now that spring is around the corner, I’m looking forward to the return of some warm weather seasonals that are easy on the palate. You can listen to brewer Molly (@mollybrews), share about her experiences in the brewing industry on the Dec. 3rd, 2020 episode of the East Van Beer Wife Podcast here.

Electric Bicycle - Sports Pilsner

Making something clean and simple is harder than it sounds, but the folks at EB make it happen. You can catch brew team member Rebecca (@rebjansin) talk about the beer brewing process in the brewery’s 2020 holiday mixer pack tour and tasting video:!

Yeast Van:

Strange Fellows – Beldame Pilsner

It’s one of those beers where the brew crew can never make enough because it’s so refreshing and low key hoppy. I hear it’s one of Carly’s (@carlyjhase) favorite beers (possibly enjoyed post brewing shift). Carly and DIB’s very own, Meghan (@blackvogue), also hosted a March 12th live tasting and Q&A for the brewery’s Sororitas hazy pale ale, the Pink Boots Society Hop Blend, on IGTV. Check it out on the Strange Fellows IGTV page here!

Strathcona – Premium Pilsner

A Czech style pilsner that has been quietly flying under the radar for its consistent taste. I would love to chat with Tracy from the lead brewer team someday post-covid, about Bag Head Brewers @badheadbrewers!

For more Beer Reconnaissance, follow Dan on Instagram @dangerdan_yvr


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