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Beer Reconnaissance: Early Summer Selections

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Dan is on a mission to try as many local beers as possible, one single can at a time...

In the mood for something...

"Simple yet satisfying"

Beer: Dagerlaager

Brewery: Dageraad

Style: Old World Pilsner, 5% ABV

Comment: Light, easy on the palate, and has that note of honey nut cheerios-like taste from the traditional German malts.

"No-nonsense and hoppy"

Beer: Greg

Brewery: Four Winds

Style: West Coast IPA, 6.5% ABV

Comment: Aromatic, flavourful, with a measured hop punch and bitterness for a clean finish.

"Tasty, and a little fancy"

Beer: Madame Roxanne

Brewery: Strange Fellows

Style: Barrel Aged Blackberry Sour, 6% ABV

Comment: It’s juicy, has a bit of pucker, and the time spent in French oak gives it a slight rustic quality.

"Traditional with a twist"

Beer: Regel

Brewery: House of Funk

Style: Lagered Saison with Rice, 5% ABV

Comment: It has a lot going on, but it’s easy on the palate, so you want to go in for another sip.

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