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Beer Reconnaissance: Fall Favourites

Dan is on a mission to try as many local beers as possible, one single can at a time...

In the mood for...

"It would impress a beer nerd and/or professional brewer, but is equal parts tasty and drinkable"

Beer: Loral

Brewery: Île Sauvage Brewing Company

Style: Dry Hopped Brett Saison - 6% ABV

Comment: Gently rustic, floral, earthy, and fruity, while maintaining a solid mouthfeel yet dry finish!

"A returning fall seasonal that is consistent, and unapologetically hoppy, yet finishes clean"

Beer: Little Dog Syndrome

Brewery: Yellow Dog Brewing Co.

Style: Fresh Hop Double IPA - 8.2% ABV

Comment: Clean, crisp, sturdy, and you get the full gamut of the almighty mosaic hop profile!

"Craving a no-nonsense, and easy drinking brew, that has subtlety and nuance"

Beer: All This Computer Hacking is Making Me Thirsty

Brewery: Backcountry Brewing

Style: Oak Conditioned Oktoberfest Lager - 5% ABV

Comment: The gentle wood aging (neutral oak barrels?) is what makes this beer special!

"Not what I was expecting, in a good way"

Beer: Screaming Sasquatch

Brewery: Main Street Brewing Company

Style: Fresh Hop Tart IPA - 5.8% ABV

Comment: Did not expect Sasquatch™, the first-ever Canadian proprietary hop, and the sour culture to coax these nectary citrus, and strawberry-like flavor and aroma!

"Something fun, and dessert-y, but is still tastefully done"

Beer: Mary Queen of Stouts

Brewery: Brassneck Brewery

Style: Chocolate Miso Cookie Imperial Stout - 8% ABV

Comment: This release contains vanilla, lactose, miso paste, a patented flour mix, 12 lb block of chocolate, and actual cookies baked by Mary, @scarlitos_way, herself! The beer was balanced, without any major harsh booziness or syrupy finish.

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