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Feeling the Call Out - Fall Out? Part 1

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Are you ready to sit with some uncomfortable truths?

YES – read on!

Maybe - read on!

NO – bookmark this and come back when you’re ready.

Growth is never easy. This year we’ve been bombarded with images and stories showing us that our society does not value Black lives the same way it values others, and I hope that we can agree that that’s pretty messed up. There’s been a global cry for change, and for the most part folks are rising to the occasion. In order for large scale change to occur, there needs to be a shift in the culture - hence, a lot of folks are being called out for actions and behaviours that don’t fit into this new paradigm.

This brings us to an uncomfortable truth, which is recognizing that our own actions, even on the most minute levels, contribute to larger scale systemic racism. Ultimately, upholding the systems that coddle the murderers of innocent Black and Indigenous folks (which are usually the Police). No, we were not the ones committing the crimes – but we must consider every little action in our day-to-day as a domino in the chain of events that allows these murders to happen.

What does this have to do with you?

This post is meant to be the ‘okay, what now?’ after a call out.

A call in/call out is bringing problematic (ie hurtful) behaviour to someone’s attention in hopes that they will change that behaviour ( If you have been called in/out, you’re not alone. As our society shifts, a lot of the things we were once okay with will most likely be called into question and re-evaluated. This is not the first or the last time you will see this happen in your lifetime. Yes, it’s challenging! Yes, it makes for more work! Yes, having complex feelings about it is completely normal.

Should you ignore a call-out?

At the end of the day no one is the boss of you, BUT if you’re looking to run a successful business long term, staying abreast of social change is important, no matter how big of a stretch it is. In addition to that, if people have taken the time to bring something to your attention, whether it be harmful behaviour, actions, etc. - it’s generally because they care - a) about the folks the behaviour is causing harm to - b) they care about you and genuinely hope for change and the continued success in the work that you do.

Let’s leave it at that for this week. If you are up for some homework, take some time to explore the ‘what ifs…’:

What if my actions were hurting someone and I didn’t even know it?

What if I changed this one thing…what would that mean for my business?

Next week we’re going to break down the ‘what next’ after being called out. Stay tuned for a 5 step game plan to help you make a come back after a call out.

(Click here for Part 2!)

Life Coach? Showgirl? Woman of Loose Morals? What more could you ask for! Monday Blues is a professionally trained life coach, serving up crystal clear clarity and decolonized coaching solutions for the leaders, artists and rebellious souls of the world. Find her on Instagram at @missmondayblues or through her website


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