"We need to acknowledge that our industry and culture is predominantly white, cisgendered, straight, able-bodied male; that our events take place on unceded Indigenous land; and the roles we play in maintaining inequality." - Dageraad Brewing


A note regarding the Diversity In Brewing Scholarship:

June 21st, 2020

Racism and discrimination is a systemic issue within the craft brewing industry in Vancouver, BC and beyond. The Diversity In Brewing initiative encourages breweries to come together to address these issues. An annual scholarship with KPU Brewing and Brewery Operations program is one way to take action.


The Diversity In Brewing Scholarship is an annual award for self-identifying BIPOC and/or LGBTQ2S+ students. 


It is our goal to have at least 25 different breweries from Vancouver and beyond each commit to donating a minimum of $200 (totalling a minimum $5,000 annual scholarship). We are hopeful that this will be an accessible and sustainable donation for any brewery both big or small who wishes to get involved. We believe it's important for this scholarship not to come from or be centred on one specific business or brand but to be a collective, sustainable, and long-lasting initiative. 


It is important that breweries are able to continue to allocate donations and other resources to local organizations and charities which have been doing the hard work for years to fight oppression and racism within our communities. This scholarship is intended to be one of many ways to work together to create meaningful change within the craft brewing industry. We are asking that funds for this scholarship are not directly crowdsourced as we do not want to draw funds away from other deserving local organizations and charities which need ongoing support (a few of which are listed on our Resources page). 


We understand the urgency to "do the right thing" and to act quickly in the pursuit of much needed change. Please remember that there is no finish line and that allyship is an ongoing practice. We strongly encourage all donating breweries to take necessary  additional steps in regards to action and accountability as we work towards a more equitable and welcoming industry. 


It is wonderful to see the enthusiasm from local craft breweries to support BIPOC and LGBTQ2S+ students and create long term meaningful change. We believe that as an industry we are stronger when we work together. 

If your brewery would like to learn more and/or support this annual award, please contact us at: 


2020/2021 AWARD: 

33 Acres Brewing Company

A-Frame Brewing Company

Backcountry Brewing

Boombox Brewing Co.

Brassneck Brewery

Bridge Brewing

Container Brewing

Dageraad Brewing

Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers

Faculty Brewing Co. 

Four Winds Brewing Co.

Île Sauvage Brewing

Jackknife Brewing

Kettle River Brewing Co.

Main St. Brewing

Neighbourhood Brewing

Phillips Brewing & Malting Co.

Red Arrow Brewing

Riot Brewing Co.

Russell Brewing Co.

Slackwater Brewing

Stanley Park Brewing

Steamworks Brewery

Steel and Oak Brewing Co. 

Storm Brewing

Strange Fellows Brewing

Superflux Beer Company

The Parkside Brewery

Tinhouse Brewing Co

Townsite Brewing Inc.

Trading Post Brewing

Twin City Brewing Company

Vancouver Island Brewing

Whistle Buoy Brewing Company

White Sails Brewing

Whitetooth Brewing Company

Wolf Brewing Company

Yellow Dog Brewing Co.

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We acknowledge that our work takes place on the stolen ancestral territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations. We encourage you to learn more about the history of these Indigenous Peoples and their land.