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6 Questions With Alex...

Each week we get to know someone better who is working in the B.C. craft beer industry.

1. Who are you? 

I'm Alex (she/her)! I've got a BSc in Biology, a 100lb dog named Gracie, and a bionic knee. I've been living on Vancouver Island for over 5 years, but I grew up on the mainland (back when you could find only one type of craft beer on tap south of the Alex Fraser Bridge!)

2. What do you do? 

I'm a lab nerd at Phillips Brewing and Malting Co., keeping an eye on the chemical, microbial, and sensory data for everything from raw ingredients (malt, hops) through to finished beer, gin and whisky. I've also done some fun research involving anaerobic yeast growth. Before I got into beer science, I was working in marine biology. The ocean will always be my first favourite liquid, though beer and whisky compete for a close second. 3. What is your biggest pet peeve about the industry? 

I've been mistaken for someone else's "plus one" at events and conferences WAY more often than I've been recognized as an actual contributing member of the community. I'm a white, bi, cis woman who is privileged enough to be comfortable in many spaces that other underrepresented groups are not. The need to prove you belong in a space exists and needs to kick rocks.

4. What do you love most about working in the industry?

My favorite thing about the industry is that people are getting stoked on what goes into their beer, where it comes from (shoutout to local barley and hop providers!), and how those key core ingredients play an individual role in the final product.

5. What is your favourite beer right now?

Speaking of classic beer styles, my go to beer right now is a Sticke Alt. It's barrel aged, malty, boozy, and dark.

6. What local charity should we be paying attention to?

Do you like breathing? Then you like trees. Ancient Forest Alliance is fighting for science-based protection of the endangered old-growth forests left in our province:

If you want to catch up with Alex, she tosses out fun beer related stuff on Instagram at @phillipsbeerscience

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