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6 Questions With Grey...

This is our chance to get to know someone better who is working in the B.C. craft beer industry.

1. Who are you? 

Hi I’m Grey (they/them/elle/elles), and I am a Boricua proudly working at Luppolo Brewing Company in East Vancouver. I am also a full-time student studying Spanish and Latin American Studies with a focus on Indigenous foods at UBC. As a non-binary Latinx, diversity is key but visibility in this industry is everything.

2. What do you do? 

I have been at Luppolo for three great years managing sales, social media and brewing kombucha. We have a small but dedicated and talented team at the brewery which means we all have lots of spoons in various pots so to speak. What I love most about working here is how much space the owners give their staff to be creative and feel included as part of ‘La Famiglia’. It sounds cheesy but we really are a stellar team who advocate for each other. Also, our beer is pretty incredible.

3. What is your biggest pet peeve about the industry? 

Pay to play sales tactics! You know who you are.

4. What do you love most about working in the industry?

The most incredible thing that came out of COVID was the tight community built around Beer Van Collective. I got to see small-batch family breweries join forces to see each other survive through the restrictions. I love brewing and talking beer with my team. Beautiful things happen when you prioritize community and inclusivity as a business.

5. What is your favourite beer right now?

Anything by @slowhandbeer, Luppolo’s Elle’s Hefe and our Forage Graf collab with @dominioncider (out sometime in the fall).

6. What local charity should we be paying attention to?

Big shout out to Late Bloomers Skate Club (@latebloomersskateclub) and Nations Skate Youth (@nationskateyouth). NSY is an Indigenous youth led organization empowering other youth by building community with skateboarding and Late Bloomers creates inclusive spaces for all folks to learn how to skate.

Follow Grey on Instagram @wizardcrouton & @luppolo_brewing!


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